Bison Underground

Bison Underground stands ready to harness the power of nature, science, and technology to make our planet healthier and more resilient.


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News & Updates

  • March, 2022: Woohoo! We have been named the Technology Bonus Prize Semifinalist for Carbon Management! HeroX Office of Technology Transitions (DOE) EnergyTech Prize, American Made Challenges Competition.

  • February, 2022: We have been accepted into the StartHub Accelerator (OU Startup Programs, Tom Love Innovation Hub) this spring... And are also a venture advisory client with i2e! Very grateful for our partners and their mentorship :)

  • January, 2022: Just demonstrated our first prototype! Off to a good start...

  • November, 2021: We are honored to announce that we are one of the winning teams in the $5M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Student Competition. Funded by Elon Musk, these Student Awards were created to help take early stage concepts for carbon capture like ours to the next level. The $250,000 award to Bison Underground will enable us to design, build, and test our prototype in Oklahoma over the next year, while we seek out other funding and prepare for the main $100M XPRIZE for Carbon Removal competition. This is only the beginning for us.