Driven by the team's shared passion for solving climate issues, our mission is to tackle climate change using carbon sequestration processes that not only remove carbon from the atmosphere, but restore agricultural soil quality to bolster global food security, encourage sustainable farming practices, provide economic opportunities for farmers, and limit harmful soil-additives. 

Agricultural soils provide an enormous potential reservoir for carbon, but conventional farming practices (e.g., destructive tilling & plowing) result in soil structure degradation and release carbon back to the atmosphere. Our method provides a tool that rapidly increases soil carbon & organic matter—with potential to reduce atmospheric CO2 from 420ppm to 370ppm over ~30 years. With broad adoption, it will contribute to the rebalancing of Earth’s carbon cycle.

Aside from the global impact on carbon cycling, farming communities will benefit from healthier soils that turn better yields and are more resilient against extreme weather (flood & drought). An agricultural transition to regenerative practices will ultimately promote food diversity and security for all.